Keynote for Your University Studies


Why Keynote is perfect for university students

Keynote engages university students with the inspired ideas of respected professionals giving TED talks, and through thought-provoking texts and infographics. The course develops the skills and literacies needed to navigate the information-rich world of global English and gives students the courage to find their own voice in English, inspiring real, meaningful communication.

The course is particularly well suited for university students because, while it doesn’t assume any prior business experience, it frequently looks through the lens of business at the world we live in, helping to build learners’ familiarity with business ideas and concepts without an overt focus on ‘Business English’.

With Keynote, university students can:

  • listen to the formal presentation of ideas of respected professionals and thinkers in authentic, ungraded English
  • apply key critical-thinking skills to the evaluation of these ideas and talks
  • learn how to give more formal presentations themselves in an engaging and coherent way
  • build key 21st century skills, such as information literacy and global awareness, through analysis of real-life data and infographics
  • engage with a wide range of thought-provoking texts which examine our relationship with work, technology, the economy and education 
  • collaborate with fellow students to reach a deeper understanding of topics and ideas
  • find their own voice in English, inspiring real, meaningful communication
  • learn to express themselves accurately and persuasively in both spoken and written English

Keynote: Inspiring Tertiary Communication