Sample Workplace Worksheets

We've selected additional TED Talks and created worksheets to practise the business-specific language of the top 10 global industries and business departments. These worksheets allow teachers to customise Keynote for all of their Business English classes. The worksheets consist of general comprehension activities based on the TED Talk that lead students to understand and examine the main idea. This is followed by a language focus that teaches words and chunks of language commonly used in that industry or business department. The worksheets are graded at two levels: B1 to C2 and C1 to C2.

The complete bank of worksheets is password-protected, and only be available to Keynote users. The passwords are printed on the first page of the Student's Book and Teacher's Book. If you are a Keynote user, click here to see the whole list and download the worksheets.

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to download two sample worksheets for a preview of this material.

Click on this link to watch the related TED Talk: The Hidden Power of Smiling